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Before starting your property search, it’s a good idea to brush up on your real estate knowledge, whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor. This ensures that you are an informed buyer with the knowledge and tools to make confident purchasing decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the market is oversaturated with properties(high supply and lower demand), it is referred to as a buyer's market. As a result, the buyer can make a better offer since they have more options and a better negotiating position.

When there are more interested buyers than available properties, it is considered a seller's market. The seller is better positioned to negotiate in a seller's market. This type of market typically results in multiple offers, higher prices, and faster sales.

Demand, supply, and other market conditions influence prices. While summers are usually very busy, winters across all of Canada come with a decline in sales.

You may also need to pay for utilities, HOA, condominium, and property taxes, which are included in your mortgage payment. Find out if there are any extra fees associated with your particular home, neighborhood, or community from your Realtor®.

Yes, You will also need a lawyer to handle all the paperwork and optionally your funds in relation to the sales as well. 

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